Netbeans integration with Mac OS X native PHP, PEAR PHPUnit config


I am trying to integrate Netbeans 6.9 or 7 into my development environment (Mac OS X 10.6.7 native PHP no stacks) but no matter what I try I am not getting Netbeans to recognize my PHP interpreter (/usr/bin/php) or my PHPUnit script (/usr/local/bin/phpunit).

Anybody got some less than obvious ideas, although I may have missed one of those. I have exhausted search terms on the web trying to find someone who went through the same problems but nothing has come of it.

EDIT Well for the past day I have been usingphpunit --version to verify my phpunit version (3.5.13) andpear list to verify my PEAR 1.9.2 install. Well I just discovered thepear list-all which shows phpunit as 1.3.2. Upon enteringpear upgrade phpunit/PHPUnit the response I get isNothing to upgrade

This may explain the PHPUnit script problem since apparently there are 2 versions of PHPUnit installed and the one I am trying to point to must not be tied into PEAR.

which php /usr/bin/php
which pear /usr/local/bin/pear
which phpunit /usr/local/bin/phpunit

Any ideas? Thanks




Wrong phpunit versions

$ pear list-all

shows the packages from the default channel, which is "" unless you configured it otherwise. You did install phpunit from, which is a different channel. PHPUnit previously (version 1) was hosted on but moved to its own channel. Running

$ pear list-all -c

showsphpunit 3.5.13.

$ pear install phpunit/phpunit

is actually the same as

$ pear install

becausephpunit is the short name/alias for channel.

Two phpunits installed

You probably do not have two phpunit versions installed. "list-all" lists all available packages on a channel, not only local/installed ones.




Well I finally gave up on netbeans and went over to PhpStorm 2. I am not having any problems there and it does what I need. cweiske I apprecaite the info provided as that was of great help for things I did not realize.

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