oop - PHP Working with Interfaces some advice needed


I have just discovered the joys of interfaces. I always knew they existed but being able to check if the class is an instanceof an interface has allowed me to add a nice amount of flexibility and the around the various objects that i'm using.

i realise that i can have any number of interfaces and i've read that it might be best to not have too many. so i'm curious as to how much i should interface.

forexample i want to add things like Interface_Images that has functions and calls for hasImages, getImages etc... that way in my views i can simply do

if(object instanceof Interface_Images) { 
  // do something 
} else {
  if(object->hasImages()) {
    // do something else

is it worth me doing this?




Follow Interface segregation principle and use so many as you need.

Also use is_callable for checking methods if you cannot use iterfaces.

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