orm - PHP CodeIgniter returning Controller Name rather than Doctrine Associated Entity


I have a basic entity that has aUnidirectional OneToOne relationship with another entity. I have an instance of the owning entity that's created via a variable method as so:

$entity = new $entity;

where$entity on the right-hand side is simply a string that describes the class. When I grab the inverse entity (anAddress) from the owning entity it returns a class of the same type as the controller I'm using.

$object = $entity->getAddress();

this line of code returns an object of typeAjax (the controller this code is in in CodeIgniter). The code for the getter is simple, nothing fancy:

public function getAddress() {
    return $this->address;

What could possibly be going on here? Why would I be getting back an instance of my controller?




What is $this->address set as?

Is it possibly that you setting$this->address = $this?

Because if$this->address = $this then

$object = $entity->getAddress();

is really

$object = $entity;

which of course is an object of type $entity;

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