parsing - php sscanf doesnt parse string properly


I develop ADIF parser and parsing process comes to the point where I use sscanf() php function The strind that I parse is as following: "QSO_DATE:8:D>20070909" and I need to draw info from here as following: "QSO_DATE", "8", "20070909" so I use code:

sscanf("QSO_DATE:8:D>20070909", "%s:%d:D>%d")

But returning array looks like this:

    [0] => QSO_DATE:8:D>20070909
    [1] => 
    [2] => 

What is wrong? maybe there is more efficient way to parse bunch of records like these:

<CALL:5>9V1SV<QSO_DATE:8:D>20140328<TIME_ON:4>1019<BAND:3>10M<MODE:4>JT65<RST_SENT:6>VK4CMV<RST_RCVD:0><QSL_SENT:1>Y<QSL_SENT_VIA:1>E<QSLMSG:54>Thank you and I confirm your SWL report, 73's de Siva.<APP_EQSL_AG:1>Y<GRIDSQUARE:6>OJ11ui<EOR>



%s means any characters, including colons, digits, chevrons, etc, except whitespace characters) and sscanf uses a greedy grab.... using more precise alternatives like%[A-Z_] or%[^:] might serve you better that%s

$result = sscanf("QSO_DATE:8:D>20070909", "%[^:]:%d:D>%d");

Which uses%[^:] to scan for any character other than a:

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