Passing data from php to XML


I've got somthing like this as a XML-Template:

    <label><?php echo $data['fname'] ?> <?php echo $data['lname'] ?></label>
    <label><?php echo $data['tel'] ?></label>
    <label><?php echo $data['address'] ?></label>

And I need to pass$data from an object(or array... doesn't matter) it is an external source where I get the data from. Can not use post because it is all backend. How can I fill the labels with the data? Any ideas?




I can't post the whole code but here is the main part of getting the data inside my template.

    $xml_source = ob_get_clean();

This little piece takes my data and fills the template. Disadvantage of this is that i can't do it completly backend. It isn't meant to be used completly backend and i think that is OK for it. Another issue is the "include". Could be a security problem maybe.

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