performance - What is the meaning of php-fpm slowlog first field?


What is the meaning of the hex value in php-fpm slowlog?


[28-Jan-2014 05:37:04]  [pool example] pid 30651
script_filename = /www/example/index/app.php-fpm
[0x0000000001a12d00] sleep() /www/example/application/controllers/MController.php:51
[0x0000000001a12740] sleepAction() /www/example/zendframework/Zend/Controller/Action.php:513
[0x0000000001a11928] dispatch() /www/example/zendframework/Zend/Controller/Dispatcher/Standard.php:289
[0x0000000001a0ff00] dispatch() /www/example/zendframework/Zend/Controller/Front.php:954
[0x0000000001a0dd88] dispatch() /www/example/index/app.php-fpm:244

Memory address in the call stack? Execution time in Hex?




It's internal call number of the method, not execution time. I think it exists for helping developers when deep-tracing the code using a profiling dump.

Link: source code of the fpm_request.c

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