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I have been for a long time looking into .. what is the best framework and I had found numerous answers, but now my question is different, I really would like some answers on what is the easyest way to start with a framework and wich framework is most indicated to start. I got the problem of repeat my job over and over again, no problem, but I'm tired, very tired... I know so many programmer one day got the same as me, and found a solution, I would like to talk a little bit about this..

I heard about Zend Framework (but its a huge framework), and I had had used Kohana MVC Framework for a while (on a project).

Since now I m very thankful for any information.




Best Framework = (Code quality + Docs + Community + Extensions)/(Your skills + Project requirements)

So, there is no absolute champion, all depends on current project and your knowledge.




Well in my opinion there's not a best framework It always depends of your requirements, your knowledge and your job's orientation, there are oriented to specific software applications, mobile devices, web applications for example if you develop web applications there are many frameworks in different flavors some based on PHP some on Java some supports multiple languages as .NET, you have to take in mind the programming languages you manage, for example I'll give a try to web2py that let you develop web apps in python. You'll find out whats the best framework for you giving a try to those related to your requirements. In the end all frameworks try to give the programmer all the tools letting him focus in software requirements. If you got all the tools you wanted in the way you like it, then you got it.

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