php - Add middleware after login in laravel


I am using laravel for my web application,in login I am asking for username ,password and I want to check the email of the logged in user is verified or not. If the verified status is 0 I want to sent the error message to the login page using the verifiedemail named middleware.


Route::group(['middleware' => 'auth', 'superadmin'], function () {
    Route::resource('/users', 'UserController'); 
Route::get('/', function () {
    if (Auth::guest())
        return view('/auth/login');
        return redirect('/tests');
Route::resource('/tests', 'TestController');
Route::get('/sites', '[email protected]'); 
Route::get('/home', '[email protected]');

Redirectedifauthenticated.php <--- middleware file

public function handle($request, Closure $next, $guard = null)
    if (Auth::guard($guard)->check()) {
        return redirect('/home');
    return $next($request);

verifiedemail.php <--- middleware file

public function handle($request, Closure $next)
    if ( Auth::check() && Auth::user()->isVerifiedEmail() )
        return redirect('/login');
    return $next($request);


 protected $routeMiddleware = [
        'auth' => \Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\Authenticate::class,
        'auth.basic' => \Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\AuthenticateWithBasicAuth::class,
        'bindings' => \Illuminate\Routing\Middleware\SubstituteBindings::class,
        'can' => \Illuminate\Auth\Middleware\Authorize::class,
        'guest' => \App\Http\Middleware\RedirectIfAuthenticated::class,
        'throttle' => \Illuminate\Routing\Middleware\ThrottleRequests::class,
        'superadmin' => 'App\Http\Middleware\SuperAdmin',
        'verifiedemail' => 'App\Http\Middleware\VerifiedEmail',

I think these are the files where i have to change but what and where I have to change that's the question for me .please help thanks in advance.




If you're using the default laravel authentication you can add a listener on theIlluminate\Auth\Events\Attempting which is fired on every login attempt and do your validation in the listener.

More about fired event on Auth

More about event listeners

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