php - admin generator doesn't generate a class


Hi I'm using symfony 1.2.7 with Doctrine.
Tryng to port a plugin originally written with Propel, but running into problems. In one of the plugins modules the generator.yml starts like:

  class:          sfDoctrineGenerator
    model_class:  Page
    theme:        admin

I always get "Fatal error: Class 'cmsPageGeneratorConfiguration' not found in .../cache/backend/dev/modules/autoCmsPage/actions/actions.class.php on line 18" I googled on it, but unlike my case anybody else seems like to missing the Base*GeneratorConfiguration class which is in it's place for me. If i write something else to the theme directive the error goes away but the config is ignored, and the default forms and lists are shown, can't set even a title...
Why isn't the missing class auto-generated as it's supposed? I'm really stuck here, thanks in advance for any help.




I'm not familiar with this SF version, but did you try to clear the cache?

php symfony cc

This worked for me with similar error messages.

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