php - Apache Solr - Unknown Sort Order


In my watchdog logs, I am getting the following error: Unknown sort order: The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect (Unknown sort order: for weddings).

This is the var_dump of$qry ($qry = new Solr_Query())

object(Solr_Query)#28 (7) { 
    ["terms"]=> NULL 
    ["keys"]=> string(31) " arts & crafts for weddings" 
    ["filters"]=> string(11) " type:frame" 
    ["sort"]=> string(14) "timestamp desc" 
    ["perpage"]=> int(24) 
    ["page"]=> int(0) 
    ["params"]=> array(0) { } 

Using Apache Tomcat/6.0.18, Drupal 6

EDIT: It seems the ampersand is causing the issue. When I remove that, there is no error. Also having quotes in the search term results in an error.

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