php - API with external generated session ID


I have an issue with an API I'm trying to call and the initialisation method.

The API requires;

Initialisation - Request a PHPSESSIONID from the API which is valid for 24 hours.

For every call you make, you generate a hash based on the session id, the call you make, and a API key.

Now, I got the initialisation working for one instance, but every time I refresh the page, I get a new PHPSessionID back from the API.

So in my thinking pattern I'd need;

  1. Do initialisation only once - Save the returned SESSIONID
  2. In every API call, generate hash based on SESSIONID
  3. If API call fails due to invalid SESSIONID, redo step 1

Any help on how to set this kinda thing up? Getting lost here.




Without knowing the full details of your application or the API it is a little hard to answer.

RESTful api's are stateless and shouldn't have a session, if this particular API creates a session for 24 hours, then I guess it comes down to how your application works.

If you only want to know about the API session while your user has a session on your application, then you could store the API's PHPSESSIONID (or the hash) in the users session so that you can use it until the session expires.

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