php - Are there Django short tags for web development? If there are, how to enable it?


Example of native PHP code:

<h1><?php echo "Hello world!"; ?></h1>

Example of PHP short tags:

<h1><? echo "Hello world!"; ?></h1>

Are there Python code that looks like this:

<h1><% print "Hello world!"; %></h1>

If there are, how to enable that?




Generally Python works a little bit different to PHP. You need a template engine to do that. See:




A big yes. The tags in Django look like this:

<p>{{ this_is_a_variable }}</p>
{% for letter in 'This is a statement' %}
    <p>{{ letter }}</p>
{% endfor %}

Django is a very good framework, unlike anything I have ever seen (part of it is because Python is a great language!)

You can't execute arbitrary code here, but take it as an advantage: you will respect MVC better

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