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I'm asking a quick question, I've being trying to solve this challenge for a while (for my own benefit).

How do I set the name of a field after a selection of all columns in a table.

See below for code snippet

FROM `random$table` 
LEFT JOIN users AS u AND u.username AS title ON u.rank > 4 
WHERE u.username = 'exploit' 

As you see can from the above snippet, I'm trying to assign a given name to a field after LEFT JOINING it.

AND u.username AS title

I couldn't find any other question related to this issue, please mark as duplicate if there is.

Side Note: Query is vulnerable for a reason

Thanks kind regards




You cannot do that after the query. Instead set the aliases inside of your SELECT expression. Perhaps you need some sort of mapping so based on your $table value you will have and $array of field=>alias matching, which you will put with join(',', $array) into the SELECT expression.

Something like that:

    function mapFields($table) {
        $mapping = [];

        switch($table) {
            case 'abc': {
                $mapping = [
                    $table.'.id' => 'id',
                    $table.'.rank' => 'rank',
                    $table.'.title' => 'title'
            case 'xyz': {
                $mapping = [
                    $table.'.id' => 'userId',
                    $table.'.username' => 'username',
                    $table.'.email' => 'userEmail'

        return array_map(
            function($k, $v){return "$k as $v";}, 

    $mapping = mapFields('random'.$table);

    // do propper checks if the mapping array is empty or so

    $select = join(',', $mapping);

    SELECT $select
    FROM `random$table`

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