php - Best way to store app settings that are configurable from administrator interface?


In the admin interface of my application, the administrators can change global application settings that effect every user of the application.

But what is the best way to store/read those settings.

  • Is writing a config yaml file from php a solution? (And how about caching?)
  • Is storing it in a database (MongoDB) the best way to go? (Every request a query? Or serialize on login?)
  • Is there a bundle especially for this? (Couldn't find one)



There'sCraueConfigBundle that adds a controller and a service giving access to a list of settings. It seems like it's tightly coupled to Doctrine ORM though:




IMHO, you have two options, 1) store it in file (i think better to store this in parameters.yml, than config files); But in this case, after each settings change, you'll need to clean cache;

2) store it in DB. If you'll have any performance issues using doctrine, you always have possibility to update getter/setter to cache results in memcache for example.

p.s. Both ways have own pluses. I prefer to split applications settings from its configuration options. So if admin wants to change global app settings, maybe it's ok to edit parametes.yml ?

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