php - build image using Docker Multi-stage builds


Currently , i need to build a custom image that should contain jenkins and php 7.2 .

I have tried this shot :

FROM jenkins/jenkins:lts as jenkins

USER root

# update
RUN apt update

# dependencies
RUN apt install -qqy  \
    tzdata \
    wget \
    curl \

# Timezone
RUN echo "Europe/Paris" > /etc/timezone

FROM php:7.2-apache

WORKDIR /var/jenkins

COPY --from=build-env /app/_site ./

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y \
    openssl \
    git \
    unzip vim \
    libfreetype6-dev \

The second FROM (FROM php:7.2-apache) crush the whole above . And it's normal as docker behavior . Using theCopy command likeCOPY --from=jenkins /app/site ./ still blurred since there is not idea what to copy-paste .

Is there any solution to resolve that issue ?

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