php - Calculate percentage of matching words in a string of words


I have a string with a bunch of words with a space delimiter that comes from my database and another similar string with words from user input.

$usrKeywords = 'test1 test4 test2'; //$_POST['keywords']

$dbKeywords  = 'test1 test2 test3 test4 test5'; //from the DB

How can I check the percentage of how many user keywords match the database keywords?

So for the above case it would be 60%.

I know I would have to know how many words there are in total, and then check how many matching user keywords are contained in the db keywords string and then do like3 / 5 * 100 to get the percentage (for the above example).

But code wise I have no idea how to do this.




$usrKeywords = 'test1 test4 test2'; //$_POST['keywords']
$dbKeywords  = 'test1 test2 test3 test4 test5';

$user_keywords_unique = array_unique(explode(' ', $usrKeywords));
$db_keywords_unique = array_unique(explode(' ', $dbKeywords));
$matches = array_intersect($user_keywords_unique, $db_keywords_unique);
$percentage = 100*count($matches)/count($user_keywords_unique);
echo $percentage.'% of the user keywords exist in the database';

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