php - call controller from a view in cakephp1.3, through javascript method


I have a map from which I want to select through javascript, a rectangular zone from my googlemap map. After this, I want to perform an action by sending the two corner coordonates (that I have took) to my Cakephp Controller, without clicking anywhere. How can I perform it please?

hint: I use the 1.3 cakephp version. Thanks.

here is my code:

var map, bnds, dz;

    function initialize() {


     dz= map.GetDragZoomObject();

     google.maps.event.addListener(dz,'dragend', function(bnds){

    //variable to be display: bnds
         alert('KeyDragZoom end: ' + bnds); 

The alert shows me this message in a alertbox:

"KeyDragZoom end: ((1.53790123, 9.404296), (5.22600788, 18.391113281))



you can try using jquery $.ajax to send the data back to the server. This example handles a response back from the server as well.

    url: "<?php echo $html->url( array( 'controller' => 'xxx', 'action' => 'xxx' ), true ) ?>",
    dataType: "json",
    crossDomain: false,
    data: bnds
.then( function ( response ) {
    $.each(response, function (i, val) {
        // do something

The documentation for ajax is here if you need it

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