PHP - Call object methods dynamically via variables


I am trying to unit-test some of my code and it would be easier to just call my setters dynamically based on some variables. Unfortunately my approach does not work as expected and I couldn't find more information regarding on how to do that.

I have one variable which always is a string. It is used as property name and together with the "set" keyword it should result in "setSomething" or "setSomethingElse".

I already tried

// or

But those do not seem to work.

Maybe someone of you pro's know the right approach ;)!




You need to make the entire method name a variable, or enclose the whole name in{} e.g.

class test {
    public $Something;
    public $SomethingElse;

    function setSomething($value) {
        $this->Something = $value;

    function setSomethingElse($value) {
        $this->SomethingElse = $value;


$property = "Something";

$t = new test;
$setter = "set$property";
echo $t->Something;

$property = "SomethingElse";
echo $t->SomethingElse;



Demo on

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