php - Can pkg install without dependencies in FreeBSD 10.3?


In FreeBSD 10.3, I'd like to install php 5.6 and postgresql 9.5 bypkg install. however, php56-pdo_pgsql depend postgresql-client-9.3, and install postgresql-client-9.5 after that will asked to remove php56-pdo_pgsql.

Is it possible to install php56-pdo_pgsql without postgresql-client-9.3?




The general advise is to build the package yourself using the ports tree (see for example this link on the FreeBSD forum).

However, I encountered this issue as well, and I just decided to take an easier step down into dependency hell (which was probably what the people behind 'pkg' were trying to prevent when they decided not to provide a '--nodeps' option...):

The .txz package file (you can download it via, is an xz-ipped tar file. So, you can unzip and untar it (on Windows, you can use 7-Zip, for example). The root directory of the archive contains two manifest files. These are regular text files, and contain, among other things, the list of dependencies. So, I just changed the dependencies in there from postgresql93 to postgresql95, and re-packaged the stuff. After that, I used 'pkg add' to install it without any issues.

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