php - Capturing multiple value from dropdown list generated from database


I am having problem to capture multiple value from drop-down list which is generated from database.I have to capture multiple value and that also has to be saved in database.Its only capturing the last selected value id insted of all and saving that value to database. here is my code


    $result2 = mysql_query("SELECT Emp, ed FROM pd WHERE manemail = '$mai'");

    echo "<select name='allo' multiple style='width:163px;'>";
    while($row2 = mysql_fetch_array($result2))
        echo "<option value='".$ed."' name='" .$ed. "' >" .$emp. " </option>";
    echo "</select>";



Add brackets "[ ]" to your select's name:

<select name="allo[]" multiple style='width:163px;'>

Then, you can have all selected values in PHP, like this:

// Here you iterate $_GET['allo'] to get each selected id!
$array_of_ids[] = array();
foreach($_GET['allo'] as $selectedOption)
    $array_of_ids[] = $selectedOption;

print_r($array_of_ids); // This array contains all the selected ids...

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