php - Change category of wordpress post when date is today


So I am using the plugin 'the future is now' on a wordpress site, the site is for event news, once an event has happened i need it to move into from the 'events' category to the 'results'.

The plugin 'the future is now' takes care of displaying future posts but I cannot find anything online as to how to change the post category when the date is 1 day past.

For example an event on the 11/04/2014 should change categories at 00:01 12/04/2014.




You will need a couple things in order to change the category using PHP

  $date = the_date();
  $today = date("F j, Y");
  if($date < $today){
    $post_ID = get_the_ID(); 
    $post_categories = array(CATEGORY_NUMBER_FOR_RESULTS);   
    wp_set_post_categories( $post_ID, $post_categories );

You will need to place this in the while-loop you use to get the "Events" category posts. While this method should work I highly recommend NOT using it because if at any point the post_ID or post_categories messes up it can create orphan posts which will need SQL database manipulation to fix.

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