php - Check variable type with if statement


Hi I have a simple question regarding the array.

I am trying to useforeach loop to echo thevars. However, there are times that thevariable wont' be anarray I have created aif statement to check thevariable type, but I am not sure if it's the best practice doing it.

Are there any better way to do what I need? Thanks a lot!

My codes

$test = $_GET['testVar'];

 foreach($test as $t){
   echo $t;
   echo $test;



is_array is the best way to check if a variable is an array. So your code is ok.

However here comes a generic solution that will work for all data types not just arrays with the functiongettype() You can refine the results if $type is 'Object' using the functionget_class()

$type = gettype($var);

// get class name for objects if so desired
if($type === 'object') {
    $type = get_class($var);

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