php - class java.lang.String can not be converted to an Long while DynamoDB creating table


I want to create dynamodb table using php-aws-sdk


require_once 'aws/aws-autoloader.php';

use Aws\DynamoDb\DynamoDbClient;

$ddb = DynamoDbClient::factory(array(
    'key'    => $_SERVER['AWS_KEY']),
    'secret' => $_SERVER['AWS_SECRET']),
    'region' => $_SERVER['AWS_REGION'])

$name = 'test';

    'TableName' => $name,
    'AttributeDefinitions' => array(
            'AttributeName' => 'Event ID',
            'AttributeType' => 'S'
    'KeySchema' => array(
            'AttributeName' => 'Event ID',
            'KeyType' => 'HASH'
    'ProvisionedThroughput' => array(
        'ReadCapacityUnits' => $_SERVER['DDB_READ_CAPACITY_UNITS']),
        'WriteCapacityUnits' => $_SERVER['DDB_WRITE_CAPACITY_UNITS']),

echo $name;

It is working successfully on local machine, but I have error by running script on Elasticbeanstalk

Fatal error: Uncaught Aws\DynamoDb\Exception\DynamoDbException: AWS Error Code: SerializationException, Status Code: 400, AWS Request ID: HTTCDOVSES4RU0V8IVIQFGREL7VV4KQNSO5AEMVJF66Q9ASUAAJG, AWS Error Type: client, AWS Error Message: class java.lang.String can not be converted to an Long, User-Agent: aws-sdk-php2/2.6.12 Guzzle/3.9.1 curl/7.36.0 PHP/5.5.12 thrown in /var/app/current/aws/Aws/Common/Exception/NamespaceExceptionFactory.php on line 91




I suspect, since the error is talking about a bad string to long (number) conversion, that yourDDB_READ_CAPACITY_UNITS andDDB_WRITE_CAPACITY_UNITS values are problem being read as strings from$_SERVER. Try casting/converting them to integers.

'ProvisionedThroughput' => array(
    'ReadCapacityUnits' => (int) $_SERVER['DDB_READ_CAPACITY_UNITS'],
    'WriteCapacityUnits' => (int) $_SERVER['DDB_WRITE_CAPACITY_UNITS'],

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