php - Class not found after "require_once"


I get the following error:

`Fatal error: Class 'DummyClass' not found in...`



 class login extends DummyClass { (this is the line the error refers to)




If I comment out therequire_once it works perfectly fine.

DummyClass is defined externally and can be found in the prepend-file. (I don't think it matters for this problem as it works as expected if I comment outrequire_once)

The path to the file should also be correct as it gives me a "Failed opening required..." Error if I change the path.

I also tried switching between PHP 5.6 and 7 - no difference.

So, I would like to ask you for help. Do you have any hints / ideas, why I might get that error?




Problem solved.

The old framework was using the old__autoload function, which is deprecated. SimpleSAMLPHP used the new function. Those autoload-combinations cause one of them to override the other.


Switch from__autoload tospl_autoload_register.

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