php - CodeIgniter and S3 putObject - getting the right path to file


I am having trouble passing the correct URL of an image from CI to S3 servers.

My image is stored in the root folder under assets/image.jpg

$this->s3->putObject('../../image.jpg', $bucket, 'testimage.jpg', 'public-read');

The bucket creates the file testimage.jpg however it is just a 20kb file that is corrupt.

Can someone let me know how to get the right path to the image?

I have already tried:FCPATH . 'asset/image.jpg' and it did not work.

NOTE: I am doing this on my localhost, if that matters.




I have found the answer to the question and hopefully it can help someone else some time:

$this->s3->putObject(S3::inputFile('asset/image.jpg'), $bucket, 'testimage.jpg', 'public-read');

It was required to putS3::inputFile('folder/file').

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