php - codeigniter join changing id from one table's id to another


I have this code for an active record query in codeigniter:

$this->db->join('user', ' = purchase_req.owner_id', 'inner');
$this->db->where('user.employer_id', $User->employer_id);
$Purchase_req = $this->Purchase_req->find();

In a view without the join statement,$Purchase_req->id would return the actual purchase request id. In the view with the join,$Purchase_req->id returns the user id. How can I join the tables together, and still get the purchase request id, instead of it changing to the




The id you want to achieve is the ambiguous for mysql because the both tables have the id columns therefore when you tries to access the$Purchase_req->id it will return the last id column which is from thepurchase_req table you need to assingn the unique aliases for the same columns in the joined table like

$this->db->select('`user`.*,`purchase_req`.*,`user`.id AS user_id')
$this->db->join('user', ' = purchase_req.owner_id', 'inner');
$this->db->where('user.employer_id', $User->employer_id);
$Purchase_req = $this->Purchase_req->find(); 

Now when you echo$Purchase_req->user_id it will return the

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