php - Codeigniter's update_batch for POINT type MySQL data type?

$locations[] = [
                 'id' => $r['id'],
                 'city' => $loc['city'],
                 'state' => $loc['state'],
                 'country' => $loc['country'],
                 'long_lat' => "POINT(".$loc['longitude']." ".$loc['latitude'].")"

$this->db->update_batch('locations', $locations, 'id');

My table has a POINT datatype column for long_lat. The above snippet does not work with the long_lat insertion entry, without it it works fine. For some reason, update_batch cannot handle the POINT() datatype.

Codeigniter doesn't seem to like the POINT type, or its escaping something. Is there a work around for this?




i can't comment so.. try it like this and it will help if you echo the query and post it

'long_lat' => "'POINT(".$loc['longitude']." ".$loc['latitude'].")'"

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