php - count all session of users on whole website


friends i am developing website for chat . when some user login my script create session

lest example

/* if assume four user on online on my website i want to check all user online according to session   */

/*userone*/ $_SESSION['user-login']=kamran101;
/*usertwo*/ $_SESSION['user-login']=saleem1;
/*userthree*/ $_SESSION['user-login']=asad23;
/*userthree*/ $_SESSION['user-login']=janbran345;


if i user

$total_user = count($_SESSION['user-login']) ;

it is showing only one user so i want to count all user online on user . so i count all user login session

i need help in this aspect if any person can thanks in advance




If you only want to know how many users are currently online, try


This will give you the number of currently active sessions.


you can use this way to find the count

    function OnlineUsers() {
   $count = 0;  
       $handle = opendir(session_save_path());
   if    ($handle == false) return -1;  
       while (($file = readdir($handle)) != false) {
         if (ereg("^sess", $file)) $count++;
       return $count;

you can get the value using this way,

$usercount = OnlineUsers();

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