php - Date format coming in weird way in CSV file using codeigniter


I have a codeigniter function to create a CSV file for the user data from a DB.

My function is this:-

function user_CSV()
    $filename = 'CSV_User_Report.csv';      
    $delimiter = ",";        
    $newline = "\r\n";  
    $queryUser = "SELECT user_name AS Name, 
                    user_username AS Username, 
                    user_mobile AS Mobile, 
                    DATE_FORMAT( user_added_date, '%d-%m-%Y' ) AS `Joining Date`,
                    DATE_FORMAT( user_last_activity, '%d-%m-%Y' ) AS `Last Acitivity`
                FROM tbl_user"; 
    $dataResult = $this->db->query($queryUser);
        $data = $this->dbutil->csv_from_result($dataResult, $delimiter, $newline);      
    if(force_download($filename, $data))        

Now, this one is creating the CSV file. But there is a severe issue. To illustrate that, I am sharing the screenshot of the CSV. enter image description here

As you can see, some of the Joining Date is coming in dd/m/YYYY format, and some dd-mm-YYYY format.

But, when I am trying to see the query in phpmyadmin, I am getting the result like this:- enter image description here

Why is such inconsistency of display of date format in CSV data? What am I doing wrong?




My educated guess, without really looking at your code, is that your Spreadsheet software is assuming that dates come in American format (MM-DD-YYYY) so it's doing two things:

  • If day is 12 or less it misreads the date and swaps day and month
  • If day is greater than 13 it think it isn't a valid date and displays as string

CSV is a very loose format and does not provide any standard way to format dates. Yet I suggest something like YYYY-MM-DD.

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