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I've a question for you if you can help me, I've some variables that I retrieve with them data from database, but I want to resolve this problemif all the variables are empty then show something if not then show the just the variables that have data.

The Code is:

foreach ($row as $result) {
  if ($row[29] == '') {
    $string29 = '';
  }else if ($row[29] == 0){
    $string29 = '';
  } else{
    $string29 = '<div ><h1>Pression</h1><img src="images/'.$row[29].'.png"></div>';

foreach ($row as $result) {
  if ($row[30] == '') {
    $string30 = '';
  }else if($row[30] == 0){
    $string30 = '';
  } else{
    $string30 = '<div ><h1>Fixation</h1><img src="images/'.$row[30].'.png"></div>';


Then I haveecho &string29 and so on........




Your code is rather redundant. By PHP typecasting rules,0 and'' are actually loosely equal:

php > var_dump(0 == '');

What you should be doing is have an array of keys/names you could loop over, e.g:

$fields = array(29 => 'Pression', 30 => 'Fixation');

foreach ($fields as $key => $field) {
   if ($row[$key]) { .... }
   echo '...';

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