php - displays data with a different sign from the database


coding to show the lights that are unlike any other

if the data in the database has a value of 1 then the character will appear glowing lights whereas if the data in the database has a value of 0 is the emerging light is not glowing.

illustrations like the link below picture:


help me please




There are multiple ways to do this, here's one approach:

<img src="/path/to/images/<?= $data ? 'img1.png' : 'img0.png' ?>" ... />

You could also write a function that outputs different images depending on the value, that's completely up to you. You have to give us some code if you want a more precise answer. Also, I don't know how you are generating your table. $data is the value of the column you described.




in your SQL query you can haveSELECT CASE WHEN condition THEN 1 ELSE 0 END as someParameter FROM ...

and then in your code check for the someParameter value and display different image according to its value.

Look at the documentations for more information (I'm assuming you're using mysql)

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