php - Encapsulation issues


I have a tiny issues.

I have 3 classes:

Class Animal {
    public $dog;
    function __construct() {
        $this->dog = new Dog();
Class Dog {
    public $scream;
    function __construct() {
        $this->scream = new Scream();
Class Scream {
    public $scream;
    function __construct() {
    public haaa(){
       return 'hello World';

I'm trying to gethaaa() function.. with

 $animal = new Animal();

If the functionhaaa() is into theDog class.. it works fine.. Is it possible that we have a limit of deep encapsulation?

Thank you!




Based on your example it would be:


However, it might be best to change the design so thatDog extends Animal:

class Dog extends Animal {
  public function scream(){
    // do stuff

$dog = new Dog();

That's more semantic, since dogs belong to the animal "kingdom".

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