PHP Extract Codes From TextArea and Pass to Mysql SELECT IN Query


I have the following data which gets submitted in a text area:

new myProduct('', 'bbc_609'),
new myProduct('', '35857'),  

What I am aiming to do is extract the codes from the above and pass just the codes to a Mysql Select IN query.

I can successfully get the codes out no problem with the following:

$text = trim($_POST['newfeatured']);
$textAr = explode("\n", $text);
$textAr = array_filter($textAr, 'trim'); // remove any extra \r characters left behind

foreach ($textAr as $line) {
  $g = preg_match("/new myProduct\('', '(.*?)'\)/i", $line, $match);
  $br = $match[1];
  echo "<br>";              
// returns bbc_6093
// returns 5857

However, if I try:


... following is returned:

string(7) "bbc_609"

Or if I try to implode and echo, I get nothing back:

$gr = implode(", ", $br);
echo $gr;
//nothing returns

Therefore, given the above, I will not be able to pass the variable to the Mysql statement:

select product.productid,, product.brand, price.code from product inner join price on product.productid=price.productid 
WHERE product.productid IN('".implode("','",$br)."')"; 
//if I pass in $br in this case.

I have also tried without the foreach loop:

if(isset($_POST['newfeatured'])) {
$g = preg_match_all("/new featuredProduct\('', '(.*?)'\)/i",$_POST['newfeatured'], $match); 
    $g = $match[1];

    $codes = implode(", ", $g); //so now we need to be able to pass $codes to the Mysql correctly.
    //var_dump($codes); returns the data in the array fine.

And when I try to pass $codes to the mysql select IN query, no data is returned?

Any help appreciated.





First about the pattern:

  • You don't need any capture groups just use\K to restart the fullstring match.
  • I'd use'[^']*' on the first/empty single quoted component of your input string just in case some text does fill that position.

About your query:

  • It is unsafe. You must not directly insert user submitted data into a query for security purposes.
  • Here prepared statements with? placeholders are used.
  • Because the number of placeholders/params-to-be-bound are variable, the convolution ofcall_user_func_array() is required.
  • I have also implementedbind_result() to aid in the processing of the resultset.

Untested Code:

$_POST['newfeatured']="new myProduct('', 'bbc_609'),
new myProduct('', '35857'),";

if(preg_match_all("/new (?:my|featured)Product\('[^']*', '\K[^']*/",$_POST['newfeatured'],$prd_ids)){
    $params=$prd_ids[0];  // the fullstring matches
    $count=count($params);  // number of fullstring matches
    $csph=implode(',',array_fill(0,$count,'?'));  // comma-separated placeholders

    $query="SELECT A.productid,, A.brand, B.code
            FROM product A
            INNER JOIN price B ON A.productid=B.productid
            WHERE A.productid IN ($csph);";

    $stmt=$mysqli->prepare($query);  // for security reasons

    array_unshift($params,str_repeat('s',$count));  // prepend the type values string
    $ref=[];  // add references
    foreach($params as $i=>$v){
        $ref[$i]=&$params[$i];  // pass by reference as required/advised by the manual

        echo "Whatever you want to do with the results: $id, $name, $brand, $code\n";
    echo "bonk";

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