PHP Fatal error in laravel DatabaseSeeder


Hi Guys im newly learning laravel so when i setup code to seed my tables in database, i get this error

Seeding: BearAppSeeder
PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method Bear::create() in C:\Users\mrosh\Desktop\WD\garden\database\seeds\Database
Seeder.php on line 41

  Call to undefined method Bear::create()

Here is my code in DatabaseSeeder.php file, the idea is to create table for 'bears', 'fish', 'trees' and 'picnics' and links bears to picnics "many-to-many" and seed them with some data


use Illuminate\Database\Seeder;

class DatabaseSeeder extends Seeder {

     * Run the database seeds.
     * @return void
    public function run()

        // call our class and run our seeds
        $this->command->info('Bear app seeds finished.'); // show information in the command line after everything is run


// our own seeder class
// usually this would be its own file
class BearAppSeeder extends Seeder {

    public function run() {

        // clear our database

so how i can fix this i have tried many things but all fails



-- DB::table('bears')->delete(); DB::table('fish')->delete(); DB::table('picnics')->delete(); DB::table('trees')->delete(); DB::table('bears_picnics')->delete(); // seed our bears table


--- // we'll create three different bears // bear 1 is named Lawly. She is extremely dangerous. Especially when hungry. $bearLawly = Bear::create(array( 'name' => 'Lawly', 'type' => 'Grizzly', 'danger_level' => 8 )); // bear 2 is named Cerms. He has a loud growl but is pretty much harmless. $bearCerms = Bear::create(array( 'name' => 'Cerms', 'type' => 'Black', 'danger_level' => 4 )); // bear 3 is named Adobot. He is a polar bear. He drinks vodka. $bearAdobot = Bear::create(array( 'name' => 'Adobot', 'type' => 'Polar', 'danger_level' => 3 )); $this->command->info('The bears are alive!'); // seed our fish table


---- // our fish wont have names... because theyre going to be eaten // we will use the variables we used to create the bears to get their id Fish::create(array( 'weight' => 5, 'bear_id' => $bearLawly->id )); Fish::create(array( 'weight' => 12, 'bear_id' => $bearCerms->id )); Fish::create(array( 'weight' => 4, 'bear_id' => $bearAdobot->id )); $this->command->info('They are eating fish!'); // seed our trees table


- Tree::create(array( 'type' => 'Redwood', 'age' => 500, 'bear_id' => $bearLawly->id )); Tree::create(array( 'type' => 'Oak', 'age' => 400, 'bear_id' => $bearLawly->id )); $this->command->info('Climb bears! Be free!'); // seed our picnics table


- // we will create one picnic and apply all bears to this one picnic $picnicYellowstone = Picnic::create(array( 'name' => 'Yellowstone', 'taste_level' => 6 )); $picnicGrandCanyon = Picnic::create(array( 'name' => 'Grand Canyon', 'taste_level' => 5 )); // link our bears to picnics


- // for our purposes we'll just add all bears to both picnics for our many to many relationship $bearLawly->picnics()->attach($picnicYellowstone->id); $bearLawly->picnics()->attach($picnicGrandCanyon->id); $bearCerms->picnics()->attach($picnicYellowstone->id); $bearCerms->picnics()->attach($picnicGrandCanyon->id); $bearAdobot->picnics()->attach($picnicYellowstone->id); $bearAdobot->picnics()->attach($picnicGrandCanyon->id); $this->command->info('They are terrorizing picnics!'); } }



Make sure yourBear model extendsIlluminate\Database\Eloquent\Model like this:

class Bear extends \Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model

otherwiseBear model won't havecreate method and you will get error that this method doesn't exist

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