PHP form validation where value is not null


When attempting to validate a field, it doesn't seem to work. I need to only perform!is_numeric when$postcode is notnull. I do have client side validation, but I want to ensure that I have server side validation too.


else if(!is_null($postcode) && !is_numeric($postcode))  
    $msg_to_user = '<br /><br /><h4><font color="FF0000">Postcode must be a numeric value.</font></h4>';



maybe you want to use empty() function on strlen() function because is_null() checks NULL value. If $postcode is == "" it's not NULL.

than you can use

else if(!empty($postcode) && !is_numeric($postcode))  {


else if(strlen($postcode) > 0 && !is_numeric($postcode))  {


else if($postcode != "" && !is_numeric($postcode))  {

As specified in the link, if you want to use is_null, is better to use $postcode !== NULL. Much faster




Assuming$postcode comes from either a$POST or$GET, it always is a string.!is_null() will, therefore be FALSE, regardless:

php> var_dump(is_null(""))
#=> bool(false)

You could revert to usingempty(), which is more liberal. However, PHP is utterly inconsistent and weird when it comes to these checks. For example,empty() will returnFALSE for 0 too. Yup.

php> $postcode = "";
php> var_dump(empty($postcode))
#=> bool(true)
php> $postcode = 0;
#=> bool(true)

A much better approach, is to do some sort of "duck-typing". In your case: when it can be converted to a numeric value, do that and use it. Then leave it to the language to determine what it considers "number-ish" enough to convert.

php> var_dump((int) "")
php> var_dump((int) "13")


else if(($postcode = (int) $postcode) && ($postcode > 0)) {

And last, off-topic: a heed of warning about your business assumptions: postcodes are not always numeric. Yes, in the US most are. But there are more countries out there (saying this as a EU-citizen who comes way too often about sites that assume everyone is an average-US-citizen)




Try this

else if(!empty($postcode) && !is_numeric($postcode))  {
  $msg_to_user = '<br /><br /><h4><font color="FF0000">Postcode must be a numeric value.</font></h4>';

Hope this helps

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