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I'm a (hobby) PHP guy. I have experienced Fuelphp and loved it simple ACL solution out of the box. The big downside of Fuelphp is its small community.

I have seen many articles about Laravel, but I read the manual and found that it only have Authentication, not Authorization. Must install plugin which develop by 3rd party.

Symfony has ACL but it's seem complicated.

I even tried frameworks in other language like Playframework, Grails but like Laravel, it doesn't have ACL feature. In case of Grails, Spring Security plugin seem to be very complicated.

Could you please suggest some frameworks (php is preferred) that has simple ACL support right out of the box?

Thank you




You can look at phalcon framework. As it's documentation says:

Phalcon\Acl provides an easy and lightweight management of ACLs as well as the permissions attached to them.




Laravel have a package now. Check this link. Laravel authentication-acl on Github.

Some of the Features

  • User authentication and signup
  • Configurable email confirmation
  • Configurable captcha integration
  • Can create groups and permissions and associate permissions to user or group
  • Any user can have multiple groups and permissions

Edit: Visit this page for other ACL packages (extension) for Laravel.

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: PHP- Populating a form with checkboxes, then sending selections to a confirmation page


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