PHP GeoIP causing 500 error


I'm very confused with this issue but I was attempting to detect a users IP address and perform a redirect based on the users country code. In order to do this I used the following piece of code:

$gi = geoip_open("GeoIP.dat", GEOIP_STANDARD);
$country_code = geoip_country_code_by_addr($gi, $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);
if ($country != "GB" && strpos($url, '/?') === false) {
   if ($country_code == "IE") {
   } else {

However each time I run the code I get a 500 Server error. I've managed to narrow down the line of code that is causing it:


If I remove this line the problem is gone but obviously I need the file as it's crucial to the geolocation.

Would anyone have any idea as to why it could be throwing a 500 error?

Many thanks




I am posting this for anyone who is looking to implement geoip functionality on their site but runs into a similar issue.

The reason for the above error is due to the fact that the is loaded in an environment where thegeoip extension is enabled. and thegeoip extension declare a method with the same name resulting in a conflict. Ideally there should be a check before calling the function to see if it exists which can be done like so:

if (!function_exists('geoip_country_name_by_name')) {
    function geoip_country_name_by_name($gi, $name) {
        $country_id = geoip_country_id_by_name($gi, $name);
        if ($country_id !== false) {
            return $gi->GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAMES[$country_id];
        return false;

Just simply wrap the offending function in theìf statement:


and the problem is rectified.

I also should mention that @MikePurcells suggestion of looking through the server logs helped big time. My development server is an Apache Server running linux Redhat. The logs are located in /var/log/httpd/error_log. That's where I checked and discovered this error:

[Wed Oct 28 15:49:33 2015] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Cannot redeclare geoip_country_code_by_name()

Hope that helps anyone.

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