php - Get first li Simple DOM Parser


I just try to create small simplephpdome
target is

<ul id=filter><li><a href="url1"></li><li><a href="url2"></li></ul>
<ul id=filter><li><a href="url3"></li><li><a href="url4"></li></ul>

How to get just firstli result for everyul?
I have try this

$html = file_get_html($url);
$dom = new DOMDocument;
$xpath = new DOMXpath($dom);
$first_list_links = $xpath->evaluate('//ul[@id="filter"]/li/a');

foreach($first_list_links as $links) {
    echo $dom->saveHTML($links);

but allli still included




You can achieve this using the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser :


$html = file_get_html('<ul ><li><a href="url1"></li><li><a href="url2"></li></ul><ul ><li><a href="url3"></li><li><a href="url4"></li></ul>');
$urls = [];
foreach($html->find('.filter') as $element) {
  $url = $element->firstChild()->find('a', 0)->href;
  if (!in_array($url, $urls)) {
    echo $url . "<br/>";
    $urls[] = $url;

should output :


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