php - getting all the records in the table


i wanted to retrieve all the records whose "amount" is greater than or equal to 1500. The problem is even if the "amount" is less than 1500 it will be also displayed in the page.

customers table
id   name
1    sample
2    sample2
3    sample3

payments table

p_id  amount  id(foreign key)
1      800     2
2      800     2
3      1500    1
4      1200    3

costumer 1 and 2 should be retrieved because the amount>= 1500.

Thank you, Mick :)




This requires to join the tables.GROUP BY is used since one of the columns is being aggregated usingSUM() and theHAVING clause is used to filter the result of aggregation.

FROM    customers a
        INNER JOIN payments b
            ON a.ID =
HAVING  SUM(b.amount) >= 1500

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