php - Getting Array to string conversion error at the line : $sub= $foldername.'/'.$check[$x];. Please advice


I am new to PHP. Here i am trying to create Parent Folder and Sub folder based on the input from a form. I am Getting Array to string conversion error at the line : $sub= $foldername.'/'.$check[$x];. Please advice.

//Creating the parent and sub folder
$foldername = $_POST['foldername'];
       $structure = dirname(__FILE__).DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR.$foldername;

      if (!mkdir($structure, 0777, true)) {
        die('Failed to create folders...');
   $sub= $foldername.'/'.$check[$x];
   mkdir($sub, 0777);



Even though $check is not set in the given code, php prpbably thinks the value of $check[$x] is an array. Also you're concatenating this array to a string, hence the array to string conversion error. Only strings can be concatenated. When possible, php converts other type values to a string first. This is not possible for an array.

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