php - Getting data based on which row chosen using session




You can send record id as request parameter in your edit/show/delete. Make the changes in your code as Follow:

while ($rows = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){
<td><?php echo $rows['shorturl']; ?></td>
<td><?php echo $rows['phonenumber']?></td>
<td><button onclick="location.href = 'edit.php?id=' . echo $rows['id'] . ';">Edit</button><button onclick="location.href = 'show.php?id=' . echo $rows['id'] . ';">Show</button><button onclick="location.href = 'delete.php?id=' . echo $rows['id'] . ';">Delete</button></td>
<?php }?>

While fetching data in particular file, just check ifid is set on that file. IfID is set, then do your operations on recordID which we have sent in request parameter.

Note: Session will not work for your question as it holds data till session ends.




You are overwriting the session-variable every time you run through the loop here:


Maybe u can try to use a GET-Param instead

<button onclick="location.href = 'edit.php?shorturl=<?php echo urlencode($rows['shorturl']); ?>';">Edit</button>

Then retrive the shorturl on the edit.php site like this:

$shorturl = $_GET['shorturl'];

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