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When I try to format2015-05-29T19:30:00+08:00 from google calendar api;

return \Carbon\Carbon::createFromTimeStamp(

I get the result2015-05-29 11:30:00 But the start date of the event in my google calendar is exactly07:30PM One thing is that if I try to add a->diffForHumans(); I get the result:

16 minutes ago (Note: the time I run the code is 7:46PM)

Can you help me to understand what is going on in here.




Instead of converting the datetime to a unix timestamp, try directly creating a DateTime instance using the original date format which is ISO8601, this should automatically take into account the timezone

return Carbon::createFromFormat(Carbon::ISO8601, '2015-05-29T19:30:00+08:00');

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