php - Highlighting row with same date AND almost same time


I have a mysql table with four colums:

date, time, ip, user

When loading the results I get something like this:

03-21 17:10:33 123.456.789.101 TestUser
03-21 17:12:31 123.456.789.101 TestUser
03-25 17:16:33 123.456.789.101 TestUser

I want to highlight (give a diff. text color) the rows with the same date AND time if within a 2min range, like the first two rows in my example.

How to do that?




I would recommend dropping the date column in you database, and changing the TIME to a full TIMESTAMP, then using the MySQL timediff function to determine the difference between the two.

Once you have determined the time difference between the two, as you are echoing out the results add some inline css style or a different class to change the text color or background colour based on that difference.

Without seeing your code, I can do little to help though.




You could use de strtotime function in PHP that converts a string into a date. Using some css styling is posible to highlight the results. For example:

$t1 = strtotime('03-21 17:10:33');
$t2 = strtotime ('03-21 17:12:31');
if( abs($t1-$t2) <= 120|| ){ //120 is the number of secons in 2 minutes

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