php - How can I access pivot table attributes in doctrine without having entity for it


I have a many to many relationship between Location and Areas. So there are three tables location, areas and location_area(the pivot table). Now as we know on the pivot table I only have foreign keys from both table. So doctrine won't allow an entity for it as it requires primary key for an entity and logically the two foreign keys form a surrogate key. I don't want to add an extra column id to the table.

I have areas many to many relationship on the location table. So this is the query that I have wrote.

$query->leftJoin('q.areas', 'a');

And I need the location_areas table attribute for some condition. when I tried to access its attribute via the join that I have made above. Since it is a join with the many to many relationship areas so I assume it should return the pivot table attributes as well but it never does, What should I do in this situation.

Any help will be appreciated.

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