php - how can i add and remove modules from a custom component in joomla 1.5?


For instance, within a plugin run with the component, say I want to remove all the sidebar-a modules, resulting in it being collapsed. Or maybe I want to remove the first 3 modules and then add some other module or modules....

Basically, I want to control module inclusion/exclusion in the template from code...




make there status unpublished(run a query to make the status of the extension 0 in jos_extension ) by your code in a particular condition so that they will not be taken into consideration in template position.If the page of your component disappears make the status 1 by running a another update query.




Why not just use the menu assignment to control the modules? Make menu items for the various pages in your component then assign the modules as required.

The problem you are going to run in to with trying to do it how you are describing is that you are going to have to parse HTML due to the order in which the framework builds a page. By the nature of Joomla you cannot control module positions from within the component. It can be done, but it's going to be very messy, especially considering that you can probably accomplish the same thing through menu assignments.

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