php - how can i export db from mysql without exec() function


I am trying to get the database dump from a live mysql server. I don't have db access. from googling I have found a way to get this throughexec() like this

$command='mysql -h' .$mysqlHostName .' -u' .$mysqlUserName .' -p' .$mysqlPassword .' ' .$mysqlDatabaseName .' < ' .$mysqlImportFilename;

working nice on local host . But when i tried this on live server then i come to know that exec() is not enable on server . I have checked this with this method

if(function_exists('exec')) {
    echo "exec is enabled";
  echo "exec is not enabled";

and also tried this

if(exec('echo EXEC') == 'EXEC'){
    echo 'exec works';
  echo "exec is not enabled";

I want to know is there a method so that i can export db dump withoutexec() function .Because I don't have server access.




If you don't need you own script you should go for phpMyAdmin to create dumps or use a tool like phpMiniAdmin. You can also check their sources to see how simple it is creating dumps just with plain queries and without the need ofexec()

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