php - How can I get all the facebook page by category or subscribe on adding them?


For example:

Page has category, but I can't get category by FQL query like

SELECT categories FROM page WHERE name= "..."

This query return empty set

In the graph API I can subscribe for update only one page... But I need subscribe on adding any page with certain category! I don't found this in API.

There is a way to get this information by using API?

In other case direct me pls on operational metod

UPD: Search page by graph API not allowed by page category, it works only for "name" field




There's a missmatch between the Graph API and FQL concerning the Page information available. The Graph API usescategory, which is the "old" field, and FQL uses the newercategories. I think there's no way around this, one could consider this as a "flaw" in Facebooks API design.

Concerning your other question on "subscribing" (you mean liking I guess) all pages of certain category: This is NOT possible.

People are also looking for solutions to the problem: mysql - Copy all information from one table and insert it into another table on different server using PHP


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