php - How can save drop down selected values. dropdown located in table column as shown in the image


I want to save each row by getting the ID of selected value in the dropdown like this:

Like This




This is supposed to be a comment, but i have a low reputation here Hi Khan i do not really understand what you mean. A dropdown is basically a select option. The attribute "value" is what gets posted as the selected value. To save the value, simply have this:

$selected_value = mysqli_real_escape_string($connection, $_POST['name_of_dropdown_from_html_form']);

To get the value on an update form, do this:

<select id="id_of_field" name="name_of_field" class="form-control">
    #i assume your select dropdown list is from a database. 
    #SO in that table, we have two columns, id_of_table and list_type. 
    #For example a list of different types of cars,
    #id(1) and list_type(BMW).
    #SO now we check if the id of the car is in the current dropdown list
    $list = $class->get_list();

    foreach ($list as $key => $value) {
        if ($value['id_of_table'] == $value['list_type']) {
            $selected = "selected='selected'";
            echo "<option value=\"{$value['id_of_table']}\" {$selected}>{$value['list_type']}</option>";
        } else {
            echo "<option value=\"{$value['id_of_table']}\">{$value['list_type']}</option>";

try and integrate this with your project and let me know what you get

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