php - How do i make folder on server secure?


I'm creating a website on my local computer and have no database system.

For each user entering the page, i create a text file with their IP adress as the name. So when i go on the website when it's hosted on my computer, a PHP script creates a file hits/

The file contains some sensitive information, and i dont want anything else then my PHP scripts to access the files.

When i write 'localhost/mysite/hits/' i can access all the text files and information. I'd like to prevent this so people wont be able to see this when i publish the site

How can i do this?

And by the way, I create this file to use it to count visitors and see when i get most visitors.




It is depending on your Webserver


You need to insert in the directory a.htaccess file, with contentdeny from all


You need a Fileweb.config to configure Request Filtering:

                   <add segment="My_Directory" />


You write in your Configuration:

location ~ /(dir1|dir2|dir3) {
   deny all;
   return 404;

Because of the background of Nginx (Performance) you need to restart the server. The config is only one time loaded.

For all other




You can try and create an .htaccess file in the folder and deny all in the .htaccess script

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