php - How do I pass product title to a link


I can get the product title with $string = $product->get_title(); $product_title = urlencode($string); //to get rid of spaces

But how to I add that $string to the middle of a url to create$product_title/#review

I am trying to use it here (function.php) in this code modified from Display blank(0) star ratings in the Woocommerce single product pages

add_shortcode ( 'show_product_ratings_count', 'add_count_to_reviews_tab_item', 98 );

function add_count_to_reviews_tab_item( $title ) {
    global $product;

    $rating_count = $product->get_rating_count();

    if ( $rating_count >= 0 ) {
        $title = $product->get_title();
        $review_count = $product->get_review_count();
        $average      = $product->get_average_rating();
        $count_html   = '<div class="count-rating">' . array_sum($product->get_rating_counts()) . '</div>';
        <div class="woocommerce-product-rating-single">

            <?php if ( comments_open() ) : ?>
            <a href="#reviews" class="woocommerce-review-link" rel="nofollow">
                (<?php printf( _n( '%s customer review', '%s customer reviews', $review_count, 'woocommerce' ), '<span class="count">' . esc_html( $review_count ) . '</span>' ); 
            ?>)</a><?php endif ?>

To get the "(# Customer Reviews)" text to link to$product_title/#review in my product archive.

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urlencode doesn't work because it adds underscores, and the permalink structure for the slug uses hyphens. So now I have:

global $product
$product_slug = $product->get_slug();
$url_to_review = $product_slug . "/#reviews"; //or #tab-reviews, to append the review anchor
<a href= "/product/<?php echo $url_to_review; ?>";

This code links to the product page and opens the reviews tab, but it does not stay on the anchor and instead jumps to the bottom of the product page.

How do I get it to stay.

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